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Social media can be such a toxic environment, so it is super important to surround yourself with positive people. I have had the idea to create a Facebook group for a long time but have only just got around to setting it up.

But, here it is! The group has been created to provide a safe, loving space for young ladies to share their experiences, good & bad.

I will be sharing tips on how to live a happy and positive life, activities, recipes and much much more. Feel free to start conversations, discussions or just share your feelings!

If you or anyone you know believe could benefit from this group, please add yourself or send them our way! x

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Diet Culture, fitness apps and consumer ads.

Artboard 2

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while – I keep planning to get back into blogging, but it just doesn’t seem natural to ‘plan’ creative writing. But, just like that, something inspired me to write this post about diet culture.

Firstly, I want to say I’m not a total moron – I know that we live in a world full of consumer data that pops up everywhere we look. The fact that these sponsored ads even pop up in my timeline makes my eyes roll, but when I saw this It brought up a whole lot of different emotions for me….

Facebook is an app I use, like many of you, to look at stupid videos and chat to my loved ones and friends. I don’t share every detail of my life on there and I certainly don’t spend a lot of time on the app. But this ad got me thinking, what about those girls/boys that do? What about that younger generation who are so heavily invested in social media that they will see adverts like this one and instantly go download the app because they feel like it could ‘improve’ their life?

Luckily for me, I’ve lived amongst #dietculture for so long that I’ve learnt when and how to eye roll at these kind of adverts – but this could SERIOUSLY damage a person’s perception of their body. So I’m not saying that running and working out isn’t good for you – of course it is. But as a society, we need to work on detaching ‘health’ and ‘body’ – because the two have been squeezed together for so long by an industry who just wants to make a profit out of your insecurity.

Go work out FOR YOU. Not to ‘tone your body’ or ‘drop those pounds and transform your body’ – work out for your heart and your mind.

Moral of the story – fuck Facebook. Fuck diets. Live ur life be freeeeeeee 🎶

Tears, travel and lots of pizza.

summer Update

Good evening folks. It has been quite a while since I posted anything on here. I don’t believe in sharing posts for the sake of it, and if I’m not inspired to write, I won’t write. But I am BACK and I am feeling extremely positive right now. Here’s a little update on my life, my travels and where I’m at right now.

I just got home from the most delightful trip to Naples, Italy. We also spent 3 days on the island of Ischia, which was just so beautiful. As we drove into Naples city centre from the airport, we were met by winding roads and backstreets. The streets where coated in tall buildings, painted white, terracotta and grey. The balconies, lined with colourful washing, left to dry in the summer’s sun. The cobbled streets led to a panoramic view of the Riviera, where deep blue water surrounds the historic city. Later in the day, the sidewalk becomes filled with people, and old men line the streets with their stalls filled with delicious seafood straight from the Mediterranean. Even though my feet hurt like CRAZY from walking miles in cheap flip-flops, we had the time of our lives in Italy and I can’t wait to visit this enchanting country again in the future.

I will share some photos below so you can get a feel for this beautiful place (ft. me and my mojito):

As much as I would love to say that this trip was 100% sunshine, lemons and rainbows, I honestly can’t. I think as someone living with mental health issues, it is important for me to be realistic and to accept that I will always have good days and bad, wherever I am. So, my anxiety decided to rear it’s ugly little head a couple of times on the holiday. From feeling super insecure in my swimming costume, to feeling super overwhelmed for no apparent reason.

But, the thing I always try to remind myself is that life is complicated, and it is complicated for everybody. Everybody has their hang-ups. Some physical, some mental. But it is the way that we react to these hang-ups that defines our path. For example, I could have easily hidden away from my fears and insecurities surrounding my body, by staying in doors or not going swimming. Did I let my fears take over? Hell f**king no. I faced these fears head on – and I am not pretending this was easy.

One thing I find super helpful when it comes to facing anxieties head on is affirmations. Affirmations help me stay grounded and remember what is truly important. For example, when I start feeling insecure about my body, I repeat the 3 things I love about myself. “I know I am kind, I know I am smart and I know I am worthy”. These things, for me, are WAY more important than my physical appearance. Reminding ourselves of the things that truly matter, from our character to our kind hearts – the things that will always be with us – are the things that define who we are. Not our bodies. Not our looks. Not our hair or our nails. Sure, it is a cliche, but it’s the inside that truly matters.

My fears, like many, are very deep-rooted, and it has taken me many, many years to get to a point where I feel strong enough to try and overcome them.

I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more! ❤

My 6 ‘go to’ acts of self-care

My 6 'go to acts of self-care (1).png

When it comes to care, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner as our families, friends and commitments come first. But taking the time to care for ourselves is vital for our health and well-being and maintaining a positive mindset.

Here are 6 of my favourite acts of self care that I like to indulge in when I’m in need of a little self-loving:

  1. Scrapbooking: I picked up my first Smash Book a few years ago now and I absolutely ❤ it. I take clippings from magazines, photographs from trips, my favourite quotes and pick up bits and pieces in craft stores and arrange them all in my scrapbook. You don’t have to be the most creative person in the world to enjoy scrapbooking, it is simply a great way to let out some creative energy – they make great keepsakes too.
  2. Reading: so simple yet so effective. Reading gives you a chance to escape from the mundane activities of every day life. Whether you’re into self-help books or fiction-novels, reading is a great way to disconnect from any stress you have going on. My favourite place to read is in my garden where it is lovely and peaceful. At the minute I’m reading The Anxiety Solution – great for anyone who fancies learning a bit more about anxiety and how you can learn to control it.
  3. Pamper time: when was the last time you truly pampered yourself? I’m talking about a bubble bath, candles, nail-painting, the works! If you can’t remember then its probably about time that you had a little ‘me time’ and just focused on YOU. If you don’t enjoy/can’t have a bubble bath, you can always just listen to some relaxing music whilst burning a lovely scented candle.
  4. Baking: as a full-time student who also works part-time, the closest I get to baking these days is watching the Great British Bake-off. But for me, when I actually do get around to it, I find that baking is actually really therapeutic. From picking a new, yummy recipe, to getting your hands all dirty and popping your masterpiece (lol) in the oven – baking can be a great way to unwind. Of course, the best part is being able to bake whatever you have created afterwards! Why not set aside some time in the week to bake something that you’ve always wanted to try?
  5. Going for a walk (whatever the weather): It may sound so obvious, but walking is SO good for you. Regardless of the positive affect it has on your physical health, walking has an amazing affect on your mind too. Being around nature helps us open our eyes to what’s around us, and by going on a mindful walk we can disconnect from all of the shit we have going on and focus on the here and now. It’s also a great way to gather inspiration and focus. Whether it’s a short 5 minute walk around the block or you’re out for an hour, try fitting a mindful walk into your day.
  6. Meditation: I am still fairly new to the whole mediation thing, but since I’ve started, it really has changed the way I act, think and feel. It allows me to switch off from the world around me and focus on relaxation. If like me, you struggle to switch off, meditation can really help with just taking some time to centre yourself and help achieve a more balanced, calm mindset. I like to practice guided meditation and found that YouTube was a great place to start. Try this video –

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Lots of love ❤

Dealing with ‘everyday’ depression

HealthBenefits ofOranges.png

When people talk about depression, they tend to talk about it in the past tense. It’s almost as if depression is something that once a person has had it, they can recover and never get it again – let’s think of depression as kinda like chicken pox, once you’ve had it and cured it you’ll never have it again.

But that is just not true. Depression is something that can creep in at any time of your life and can happen to anybody.

I have suffered with depression in the past, and it still creeps back no matter how ‘well’ I think I’m doing. It’s not something I’m ashamed of, but dealing with it can be tough.
Here are a few of the ways I deal with everyday depression (DISCLAIMER – this is simply my own personal journey with depression, these things may not work for you, I am not a medical expert)

1. Medication. For years I refused to take medication for my depression and anxiety, as I didn’t like the label that came with being on meds for a mental illness. I have now been on medication for a year and although it isn’t a ‘magic’ or ‘quick fix’, I found it really helped me get on a positive track.

2. Self care. Some days when you’re feeling extremely low, the last thing you want to do is invest your time in an extravagant self care routine with face masks and nail painting. When im feeing particularly low, I find it helpful to take a shower, get dressed and make my bed. Three simple steps to help me change my mindset slightly.

3. Talk. Probably the most important advice i can give you is to talk to somebody. Whether that’s your doctor, your friend, your parents or a stranger online (me for example). Depression can make you feel SO alone. So being able to let out how you feel can really just give you a little sense of relief, rather than bottling it up.

NOW I would absolutely love to hear any tips you have to share with us, be sure to post these in the comments ❤ xxxoxoxox

Checking in

Checking in.png

Hey lovely people! I haven’t had a chance to pop on here in a while as I’ve been super busy pushing through my last couple of months of university work before I graduate. For anyone who is in my position/has been there, I salute you! This shit is tough – they weren’t kidding when they said uni was going to be hard *lol*.

So, I wanted to check in and find out what you guys have been up to. I’ve had a bit of a rocky road so far this year, with two people who are very close to me going through some of the hardest of times, it’s been difficult to balance a positive, healthy mind and lifestyle when some days you just wanna say ‘screw it’, sit on the sofa & eat a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream (true story). BUT it’s okay, because as the good old cliche has taught us, happiness is not a destination and the road to a happy and healthy life is certainly not linear. We’re all going to have shitty times and setbacks at some point or another, the important thing is that we don’t let them hold us back from continuing on down the little positive path we were once very fixed on.

I can’t wait until all of this work is over so that I can get back on track with blogging and share some wonderful content with you guys again.

❤ Lots of love x

Your biggest critic is, well, you guessed it… YOU!


As most of us are aware, when it comes to criticism, we are our own worst enemy. When you have anxiety – self-doubt; overthinking situations, relationships and actions; and focusing on what ‘could’ have been different, are always at the forefront of your thoughts. As well as this, if your anxiety is anything like mine, you are constantly criticising yourself. This can include criticising the way you look (which is my biggest anxiety trigger), criticising your own actions, or feeling as though you have let yourself or people around you down. And of course, we all have these thoughts from time to time, but having them constantly running through our minds is detrimental to our mental health and our self-esteem.

I was given a really good piece of advice which may help any of you who suffer from issues surrounding yourself self-esteem, confidence or body confidence. So here goes… Think of all the awful things you tell yourself constantly for example: ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘Why the hell would anyone like ME?!’, ‘I’ve let everybody down’, ‘I’m not worthy of love or being loved’. Write these down so that you have them in front of you.

Now, read your list back and think about this scenario. Imagine you meet a lovely, confident, attractive and fun-loving girl. Imagine you are walking behind her, telling her everything you tell yourself on a daily basis – ‘Oh look at you, you’re not worthy of love!’ ‘Why would anyone want to be with you?’ ‘Who do you think you are? You’re not good enough for anyone!’… Now imagine how SHITTY she would feel if you were telling her these things, and how bad you’d feel for saying them to her. 

Well, that’s exactly what you’re doing to yourself constantly. These negative thoughts are interrupting your life, putting you down and stopping you from believing that who you are is enough. By writing a few examples down you are able to see the damage you are doing to yourself without even realising it, because it has become such a regular habit in your life. The great news is, habits can be broken. By thinking of this scenario every time you find your mind wondering into negative, self-loathing territory, you can switch your thoughts to positive ones. Start by saying… “Actually, you know what? I don’t deserve to be spoken to this way. I am a kind, loving and honest individual who has every right to feel as good about her/himself.”

The fact is, you don’t deserve it as I’m pretty sure you’re lovely inside & out. Try thinking of this story every time you’re hard on yourself 💫💜